Annotations of Human Entrez Genes (EG) by C3:TFT collections.


This data is prepared based on the molecular signatures database (Msigdb; An R object that contains associations between Msigdb C3:TFT (transcription factor targets) gene sets and Human Entrez Genes. C3 collections are about motif gene sets that contain genes that share a cis-regulatory motif that is conserved across the human, mouse, rat, and dog genomes, and represent known or likely regulatory elements in promoters and 3'-UTRs. C3:TFT gene sets contain genes that share a transcription factor binding site defined in the TRANSFAC (version 7.4, database.


org.Hs.egMsigdbC3TFT <- dRDataLoader(RData.customised = "org.Hs.egMsigdbC3TFT")


an object of class "GS", a list with following components:

  • set_info: a matrix of nSet X 4 containing gene set information, where nSet is the number of gene sets, and the 4 columns are "setID" (i.e. "Geneset standard name"), "name" (i.e. "Geneset brief description"), "namespace" (i.e. Geneset category code) and "distance" (i.e. "Geneset full description")
  • gs: a list of gene sets, each storing gene members thereof. Always, gene sets are identified by "setID" and gene members identified by "Entrez ID"


Subramanian et al. (2005) Gene set enrichment analysis: a knowledge-based approach for interpreting genome-wide expression profiles. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 102(43):15545-50.


org.Hs.egMsigdbC3TFT <- dRDataLoader(RData.customised='org.Hs.egMsigdbC3TFT')
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